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A supervideo is an edited mix combining the recordings in one recording group.

It is created when you click “create a new recording group” and it allows recording together to everyone who joins the group by clicking on the link.

They sync themselves in the cloud creating a super video that you can download after a few seconds.

Every time you click the button “create a new recording group” you become the organizer of that group. All friends with whom you share the link can record together with you. As an organizer, you have the power to decide when you want each supervideo to start and end because your recording is the one that synchronizes all the mobiles.

Yes, as long as your smartphone model supports it.The models that allow it can be found in this link:

You have two options:
A. use your existing Google account, this means that you link an existing account with IZI, therefore, IZI will not save your password and you will always have to log in with this method.
B. Create an account using an operational email and a new password.

No, IZI will only save your password if you create an account with your email and a new password.

On the Login screen, click on “Forgot your password?” and follow the instructions.

It’s very easy. On the profile screen click on the “+”. You can take a picture on the spot or choose one from your gallery.

Access the menu and click on “change password”

On the profile screen find the field “username”. The app will tell you if the username that you want is available or not.

On the profile screen you can click “upgrade my plan”, which will take you to the website section with all the details.

To be able to record, one of these two things must happen:
A. that an organizer has sent you a link to enter their recording group.
B. that you be the organizer inviting friends to record by clicking the “create a new group” button.

On the camera screen, click on “create a new group” and a link to the group will be copied, you can share it with your friends

You just have to click on the link they sent you and you will already be in the group

You should go to the app with which you were invited and click on the link again

Yes, when you are part of a recording group you can start and stop recording whenever you want

This only happens if you are a group organizer. Group organizers decide when each supervideo starts and ends

It’s very easy: record a video with the mobile phone you have connected to the mixer, download it and check if the sound of the video is of quality

Yes, you just have to click on the name that appears by default and give it the name you want

The name is given by the organizer, but once that event has ended you can click on it and change it as you want

It may not have been edited yet:
Check the phone coverage. If it’s low uploading the videos you recorded together might take longer, and also the automatic editing
Maybe the super video is very long and the automatic editing is taking longer
Maybe there are many videos from different users and the automatic editing is taking a little longer. When it is available you will receive a notification
In any case, when it is available you will receive a notification

In a folder called IZI supervideos, it is automatically created in your phone’s photo library

In your photo library, just like any other video you record with your phone

It depends on several factors:
A. Coverage: the better coverage there is in the space where you are recording together, the faster individual videos are uploaded to the cloud, the faster the editing and the sooner you can download it
B. How many friends are recording: The more videos are generated, the longer it takes to process them for you to download
C. The supervideo length: Processing a supervideo is directly proportional to its total duration

Check if the event finished more than 48 hours ago. If this is the case and you have not downloaded any super video, you will not be able to download it

48 hours since you start recording the first video with the group of friends you have created

The free plan lets users download 10 super videos per month