One day, two parents, Joan Llobera and Gemma Solana, from La Concepció elementary school (Barcelona) imagined having a cool video of their children’s 🎺 Big Band performance, combining the best images from so many mobile phones and a 🎧 high quality sound. Thus IZI was born, the application that makes it possible.

🏫 This small public school has a transversal and inclusive music project, but not the means to save the live performances of the students. With IZI the moments lived will be remembered forever!

Our team

Meet the people behind

👌 The purpose of IZI is to bring friends, fans or musicians closer together and make difficult things easy.

🤙 Taking advantage of so many cell phones recording at an event, to easily and quickly turn them into your memorable super video of a concert, anniversary or any moment with friends.

🤘 IZI allows you to create supervideos cooperatively, personalized for each user and share them already edited in seconds